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You can generate a sample image to see what a single prompt does by using character, [prompt] --ar 2:3 and landscape, [prompt] --ar 3:2 using Midjourney.

Midjourney is an independent research lab that produces an artificial intelligence program under the same name that creates images from textual descriptions, similar to OpenAI's DALL-E and Stable Diffusion.

Acrylic Painting

A painting medium that uses fast-drying, water-soluble pigments suspended in a synthetic resin.


A tool that uses compressed air to spray fine mist of paint or other medium onto a surface.

Ballpoint Pen

A writing instrument that uses a tiny ball in a socket to transfer ink onto paper.


A traditional Indonesian method of dyeing fabrics by creating a resist with wax before applying color.

Black Paper

A type of paper with a dark, dense color that is often used for drawing or calligraphy.

Bone Carving

A form of sculpture that involves carving designs into bones, typically from animals.


A sculpting method that involves removing material from a solid block to create a three-dimensional form.


A soft, crumbly material made from calcium carbonate that is often used for drawing on chalkboards or paper.

Charcoal Drawing

A type of drawing created using sticks of burned wood, often used for quick, rough sketches.

Colored Pencil

A drawing medium made of a wax or oil-based core in a wooden or plastic casing.

Crayon Drawing

A type of drawing made with sticks of colored wax.

Detailed Painting

A type of painting that is characterized by precise, intricate details and high levels of realism.

Drone Photography

A type of photography that uses unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to capture images from above.

Gold Leaf

Thin sheets of gold used to gild surfaces or create decorative elements in art and architecture.


A type of painting that uses opaque watercolors to create a matte, velvety finish.

Impasto Oil Painting

A type of oil painting that involves using thick, heavy brushstrokes to build up the surface of the painting.

Ink Illustration

A type of illustration that uses black or colored ink to create a design or picture.


A type of printmaking that involves carving into a block of linoleum and using it to make multiple prints.


Writing instruments with a felt or porous tip that are used to make bold, vibrant marks on paper.

Mixed Media

An art form that combines multiple materials and techniques in a single work.

Oil on Canvas

A type of painting that uses oil paint on a canvas support.

Pen and Ink

A type of drawing that uses a pen with a nib to apply ink onto paper.

Pencil Sketch

A type of drawing created using a pencil to make lines on paper.


A technique of sewing multiple layers of fabric together to create a padded, decorative surface.


A three-dimensional form of art created by shaping or combining materials.


A technique of using a needle and thread to join pieces of fabric together.

Spray Paint

A type of paint that is applied using a spray can to create a mist of color.

Stained Glass

A type of glass art that involves arranging pieces of colored glass in a lead or copper framework to create a decorative panel.


A thin, flat piece of material with cut-out designs that is used to apply ink or paint to a surface.


A type of textile art that involves weaving yarn or thread onto a loom to create a decorative, pictorial panel.


Ukiyo-e is a traditional Japanese woodblock print style from the Edo period, featuring landscapes, scenes from daily life and beautiful women.

Vector Art

Vector art is a form of digital illustration created using mathematical equations to define the lines, shapes and colors of the image.


Watercolor is a painting method in which pigments are suspended in water and applied to paper, resulting in a transparent, delicate and often vibrant image.