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Midjourney is an independent research lab that produces an artificial intelligence program under the same name that creates images from textual descriptions, similar to OpenAI's DALL-E and Stable Diffusion.

8bits Videogame

Classic pixelated games from the early days of gaming, retro video game format with simple graphics and limited memory.

32bits Videogame

Games from the 32-bit era, featuring improved graphics and gameplay. Mid-90s video game format with improved graphics and more memory.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Survival game set in a prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs


A fantasy digital board game with RPG elements

Assassin's Creed

Historical action-adventure series set in various time periods


Space exploration and survival game set in a procedurally generated world


First-person shooter set in a dystopian underwater city

BioShock Infinite

First-person shooter set in a flying city in 1912 America

Borderlands 2

First-person shooter with RPG elements set on a planet in the future

Breath of Fire

RPG series featuring dragon transformations and adventures

Breath of the Wild

Action-adventure game set in an open world with advanced physics

Chrono Trigger

RPG with time-traveling elements and unique battle system


Run-and-gun action game with 1930s cartoon visuals

Dark Souls

Action RPG known for its challenging gameplay and intricate world


2D fighting game featuring horror and fantasy characters

Destiny 2

Multiplayer first-person shooter set in a futuristic world

Diablo 3

Action RPG set in a dark fantasy world filled with demons

Don’t Starve

Survival game set in a randomly generated wilderness

Dragon Age

RPG series set in a medieval-inspired world with magic


Post-apocalyptic RPG series with moral choices and mutated enemies

Final Fantasy VII

RPG with turn-based battles and complex story set in a futuristic world

God of War

Action-adventure game series centered on the god of war, Kratos


Mobile RPG game with a fantasy world and battles featuring summons.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Psychological horror action-adventure game set in Viking-inspired world.

Hollow Knight

Metroidvania-style action-adventure game set in a interconnected insect kingdom.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Action RPG set in a future world dominated by robotic creatures and a mysterious past.

King of Fighters

Fighting game franchise featuring characters from SNK games, tournaments, and teams.

League of Legends

Multiplayer online battle arena game with champions, objectives, and strategy.


2D platformer game with minimalist art style and physics-based puzzles in a dark world.

Mass Effect

Sci-fi RPG franchise with customizable characters, choices, and interstellar exploration.

Nier Automata

Action-RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world featuring androids and a deep story.

No Man's Sky

Open-world exploration game with procedurally generated planets and creatures.


Action-adventure game with a celestial brush to manipulate the environment and enemies.

Ori and the Blind Forest

2D platformer game with emotional storytelling and hand-drawn art.

Samurai Shodown

Fighting game franchise with historical Japanese weapons and characters.

Sea of Thieves

Multiplayer pirate-themed action-adventure game with open seas, treasure, and alliances.


Cyberpunk RPG franchise set in a world with magic and technology coexisting.

Shadow of the Colossus

Action-adventure game with giant boss battles and emotional storytelling.


Open-world action-RPG with dragons, magic, and customizable characters and quests.

Stardew Valley

Life simulation game with farming, relationships, and exploration in a small town.

Torchlight II

Action-RPG with fast-paced combat, dungeons, and a pet system for loot.

Twilight Princess

Action-adventure game with a parallel world and a wolf form for Link.


Survival-action game set in a Norse mythology world with co-op, crafting, and battles.

World of Warcraft

MMORPG franchise with a rich world, quests, and diverse player factions and races.


Turn-based tactical RPG set in a world with procedurally generated stories and legends.

Wind Waker

Action-adventure game set on a vast ocean with a magic conductor's baton and companions.