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Akira Toriyama

Japanese manga artist and game creator, best known for "Dragon Ball".

Albert Bierstadt

American painter of scenic western landscapes in the Hudson River School.

Alphonse Mucha

Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist, best known for posters.

Andy Warhol

American pop artist known for his paintings of everyday objects and celebrities.

Arthur Rackham

British illustrator, best known for his imaginative drawings and watercolor illustrations.

Auguste Renoir

French Impressionist painter, known for his luminous paintings of people and landscapes.

Austin Briggs

American illustrator and painter, best known for his work in advertising and magazine illustration.

Bob Ross

American painter and television host, known for his instructional painting programs and landscapes.

Cicely Mary Barker

English illustrator and author of children's books, best known for the "Flower Fairies" series.

Caspar David Friedrich

German Romantic painter, best known for his landscapes featuring moody atmospheres.

Claude Monet

French Impressionist painter, known for his series of water lily paintings and Haystacks.

Dante Rossetti

British poet, artist, and illustrator, one of the leading members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

Dean Cornwell

American illustrator and muralist, known for his magazine covers, advertising, and historical murals.

Edgar Degas

French Impressionist painter, best known for his paintings of dancers and contemporary life.

Edmund Dulac

French-British illustrator, best known for his book illustrations, including "The Arabian Nights".

Edouard Manet

French Impressionist painter, known for his groundbreaking works that paved the way for Modern Art.

Emil Nolde

German Expressionist painter, best known for his colorful landscapes and portraits.

El Greco

Greek Renaissance painter, sculptor, and architect, best known for his elongated figures and use of color.

Eugene Boudin

French Impressionist painter, known for his coastal landscapes and seascapes.

Frank Frazetta

American fantasy and science fiction artist, best known for his book covers and movie posters.

Frida Kahlo

Mexican painter, best known for her self-portraits and her reflections of Mexican culture and heritage.

Hiroshi Yoshida

Japanese woodblock printmaker, best known for his prints of landscapes, seascapes, and genre scenes.

Hubert Robert

French painter and architect, known for his landscapes and scenes of the Roman Campagna.

Ilya Repin

Russian realist painter, best known for his historical and genre scenes and portraits.

Ivan Shishkin

Russian landscape painter, best known for his depictions of forest scenes.

Ivan Aivazovsky

Russian marine painter, best known for his seascapes and naval battles.

James C. Christensen

American painter and illustrator, known for his fantasy and science fiction illustrations.

James McNeill Whistler

American-British painter, best known for his iconic paintings, "Whistler's Mother" and "Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1".

J.C. Leyendecker

American illustrator, best known for his covers for the Saturday Evening Post and for creating the Arrow Collar Man.

John Singer Sargent

American expatriate painter, known for his portraits of the wealthy and influential. He was a leading portrait painter of his time and was particularly skilled at capturing the character of his sitters.

John William Waterhouse

British Pre-Raphaelite painter, known for his mythological and literary scenes that often featured women. He was a major influence on the revival of classical subjects and painting techniques in British art.

Jules Bastien-Lepage

French naturalist painter, known for his depictions of rural life and peasant culture. He was a leading figure of the ruralist movement, which sought to celebrate the lives of rural people and their connection to the land.

Katsushika Hokusai

Japanese ukiyo-e artist, widely recognized as one of the greatest masters of the genre. He was best known for his series "Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji". His works often combined traditional Japanese aesthetics with innovative compositions and perspectives.

Leonardo da Vinci

Italian Renaissance artist, considered one of the most versatile and talented individuals in history. He was a master of painting, drawing, sculpture, engineering, and science, among other fields. His most famous works include the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

Louis Comfort Tiffany

American artist and designer, known for his work in stained glass and the development of the American Arts and Crafts movement. He was especially famous for his iconic lamp designs and his use of vibrant colors and organic forms.

Paul Cezanne

French Post-Impressionist painter, known for his innovative paintings that explored the interplay of color, form, and space. He was a major influence on the development of modern art and his works can be seen as a bridge between the traditional paintings of the 19th century and the abstract art of the 20th.

Rogier van der Weyden

Netherlandish master of Northern Renaissance painting, known for his portraits and altarpieces. He was one of the most important artists of the 15th century and his works are characterized by their realism, emotional intensity and innovative compositions.

Romero Britto

Brazilian-American neo-pop artist, known for his bold and colorful paintings, sculptures and graphics. His works are inspired by a mix of pop art, cubism and graffiti, and feature playful and optimistic images.


Dutch master of Baroque painting, known for his dramatic and innovative compositions, as well as his powerful portraits and landscapes. He was a leading figure of the Dutch Golden Age and one of the greatest painters in European history.

Tasha Tudor

American illustrator and author, best known for her children's books and her watercolor paintings. Her works are characterized by their delicate beauty and nostalgic charm.


Italian master of Renaissance painting, known for his vibrant and sensual depictions of mythological, religious and historical scenes. He was a leading figure of the Venetian school of art and one of the most important painters of the 16th century.

Todd McFarlane

Iconic comic book creator and artist known for his work on "Spawn," and redesigning Spider-Man.

Vincent van Gogh

Dutch post-Impressionist painter famous for bold and vibrant use of color in works like "Starry Night."

William Blake

English poet and artist known for his mystical and imaginative works, including "Songs of Innocence" and "The Tyger".

Winslow Homer

American landscape painter, renowned for his marine scenes capturing the power and beauty of the sea.